Pekin Community High School Class of 1966
Dear ole Pekin High School -- We're all the same -- Winning or losing -- We're always game --- Rah Rah Rah --- So boys together --- We'll cheer forever --- Pekin ---Pekin --- Rah Rah Rah

About the Class of 1966:

  • Last Freshman class to enter the "Old PCHS".  The "New PCHS" consisted of 2 campuses...West Campus and East Campus.

  • The Melody Maids went to New York to honor Everett Dirkson

  • Motoko Nishimoto was our AFS student exchange from Japan.

  • The first class to graduate under Mr. Cain due to Mr. Peterson's retirement the same year

Reflections on the Class of Claudie Glick Huey

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